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Here we have Russell Tovey from "Looking". This is from another movie where he shows his dick. This is a hot scene and it looks like he got a little excited during it, which you can see this hot naked male actors
Finally some justice - Both Toby Schmitz and Zach McGowan do frontal nudity in recent episode of black sails. He's a little muddy, but that's one hot male stars nude! In the video you see it swinging around real good.
And we have another hot male celeb nude walking around slinging that big cock around. This is one way hot scene and the HD video is not to be missed!
American Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy is such a tease. He likes to get nude a lot and take selfies and we happen to have all of the pictures! We are so happy we can now add this stud as a naked male celeb!
Remember Dominic Cooper from "History Boys" where he was going to let his teacher suck his dick? Well he looks hotter than ever in "Fleming" and shows off his hot body and perfectly round ass!
Kingsland Road made their national debut on the hit TV show "X-Factor". Although they didn't make it to the finals, they apparantly made it to the photography studio where they got completely naked!
Coming off of a successful year, ending with a win for best supporting actor at the Oscars, Jared Leto is at the top of his game. From his earlier films, we have a very nice selection of his nude bod!
When we think about which of our favorite male stars we'd love to see naked, 'The Boy Wonder' himself Joseph Gordon Levitt always makes the list. He's not wearing a stitch of clothing in many of the scenes we have!
Brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth are two male celebrites we don't get to see naked all too often. This video features Chris, the slightly older of the two from the film 'Rush'. Fantastic stuff!
Dane DeHaan is a newcomer starring opposite Daniel Radcliff in the movie "Kill Your Darlings". Gauging by the looks of that naked muscled ass of his, we're guessing he was very popular in the locker rooms!
"The Wanted" are without question the hottest thing going today as far as Boy-Bands go. We were able to dig up some nice finds with lots of exposed skin including this shot taked from a shower scene we have!
Matthew McConaughey just won the Academy Award for best actor. We would certainly give him an award for that hot body as well! Glad you put some weight back on Matthew!
Justin Bieber sure has been making the headlines recently. He just can't seem to catch a break. We have a leaked copy of a very vocal sex tape he made in a hotel room with Selena Gomez!
Hugh Dancy Showing His Butt in "Tempo". This is the only nudity he has done so far, and he is such a handsome, good-looking, gorgeous man. Just wish Hannibal would be on cable TV so we could see more of him nude!
Actor Evan Jonigkeit going full frontal in HBO's "Girls". This is a real treat for you guys from one of Evans rare nude scenes. Let's start right off with his beautiful big cock! Gotta love his chest and nice ass too!

For some reason the British series "Home and Away" seems to bring in the hottest male actors. No exception here as we see the beautiful Kyle Pryer just as he's about to loose the clothing and get naked!
And just who does this swang cock belong to? Holy fuck you could take an eye out with that thing! Don't wait for your opportunity to watch this video in its entirety! It's one of the best we've seen in a long time!
Over the years, Russell Tovey has done a lot of nude fact we are confident that most of his roles contained nudity. Currently appearing in HBO's "Looking" where he shows ass and cock!
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