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Holy Brokeback Mountain! One of our favorite male celebrities Jake Gyllenhaal was just caught running around totally naked on the set of an upcoming film he is starring in. Thank you so much Jake!

Chris Vance appeared in a few European TV series before achieving success in All Saints. He appeared in the 3rd and 4th seasons of Prison Break, as James Whistler where we see him naked and fucking!

This is one hot self filmed jerk-off video! This one goes on for about 12 minutes and we get to see this collegiate footballer play with his nipples and handle that big cock and nuts!

This is a sweet treat from Sunday evenings Mtv Movie Awards. Not only did Zac Efron receive the win for 'Best Shirtless Scene', but he also showed off that hot ass when he had a wordrobe malfunction!

If you haven't seen him yet, Rob Wilson is the first male model to appear on The Price Is Right. We just hope they give away more boats so we can share more hot pics of this new male star with you!

Ah...Aaron Carter is taking another selfie. What is it this time? Exposed dick? Some ass? Maybe both! We wish we would see more work from Aaron. He is still a super hottie!

From The Vampire Diaries here we have Ian Somerhalder and those bedroom eyes. You know what else he does in the bedroom! With the size of his dick and low-hangers bet he pleases the ladies!

Even better than a dick in a box, this nude scene with Justin Timberlake is one we can't stop watching! Nothing left to the imagination here! His body and ass look amazing in Hi-Def!

Moments like this are what we do this for. Actor, singer, musician, comedian, producer Drake Bell caught on cam with a hard cock! By far one of the nicest celebrity cocks!

Give him a chance and he's going to go nude for you. Slim Shady himself Eminem stands before you at one of his concerts buck ass naked! Not a stitch of clothing! Nothing! Thank you Mr. Mathers!

Not widely known in the Unites States, New Zealand's Zac Fox is a mega-hottie that appears here in this clip where for some reason he and his buddy are naked and touching each others cocks!

Rob Lowe was the first male celebrity to have a nude sex tape leaked to the public. Interestingly, it still holds up after all these years and is a blast to watch! Rob has a pretty butt and super long cock!

British Olympic diver and Mega-Hottie Tom Daley nude shower photos surface! Though we loved looking at him in those tight speedos all these years, looking at him with them off is so much better!

It's amazing how great certain famous male stars look when they get naked. Henry Cavill is no exception to the rule. Check out the big meaty backside as he walks around! We just love it!

Zac Efron finally drops those jeans and lets us all see that hot white ass and big pink cock. We also caught Zac hanging out on his balcony bare assed while on vacation. Oh, and did we mention we have his jerk off pics as well!

Very rare and hard to find Ben Affleck jack-off video from before his acting and directing days. We're not sure how old he is exactly in this crazy video, but we're guessing 19 or 20. The end of the video features a great cumshot!

BoyBand "Take That" poses for extremely revealing photoshoot. We have the photos that didn't make it to the magazines! Great ass shots and they even get semi-erect in a lot of the photos!

Handsome Ryan Carnes shares some sweet views. Here's a little peak at his dick from one of our videos. His naked scenes are not frequent, but he is one of our top fan favorites as fas as male celeb nudes go.

Everybody loves Andrew Garfield. What's not to love about him right? I mean he was Spiderman! Most people are unaware he did plenty of nudity in his earlier roles. Here's a little peak at his white ass for you!

For those of you that are digging the show "Girls", here's a snapshot of a great scene where Adam Driver fucks whatever her name is. We get to see a lot of great angles of his nude ass in this video!

Don't you just love foreign films? Most of the male stars in these films get naked at some point...usually more than once. Sometimes the films suck, but there's always plenty of nudity to keep it fun!

"The Odd Angry Shot" is a war film where the men resort to anything to pass the time and keep fear and grief at bay, including naked drunken brawls. Lots of exposed frontals in this video where the guys shower together.

Sean Paul Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan is a former gay porn star with a ripe ass perfect for bottoming. In this limited release film entitled "Truth", we get to see Sean in a hot fuck scene.

From his most recent film "Kill Your Darlings", Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliff embraces a very dark role as a rape victim. Though the content is difficult to watch, we get to see ALL of Daniel!

And while we're talking about hotties in Boy-Bands, we have to throw "One Direction" into the mix. Here's a sweet pic of Harry Styles, who the girls go wild for, with his britches down taking a piss in public!

Look what male star we caught prancing around his hotel balcony nearly naked with his pubes for the world to see...none other than "One Directions" heart-throb Liam Payne! You will want to see the entire set!

Well they say three time's a charm, so let's wrap up all this "One Direction" talk with the charming and ever popular Niall Horan goin all bare-assed on us! Thanks guys...amazing views of your naked boy-butts!

Did we mention that full frontals are our specialty? Big and hard celebrity cocks! Check out the monster on this guy. Think you can guess who it belongs to? Want to see more? Well come on in!

Like the body on this stud? He's sporing a pumped smooth chest and jerking off for the camera! You don't want to miss out on this video, we can assure you! And there's plenty more where this one came from!

Male celebrities seem to get caught in the nude a lot! They probably think these photos and videos won't get leaked, but they seem to always make their way into our hands! Stroke that big dick!

Turn up the Latin heat as the handsome Ricky Martin struts his hot tanned body along the coastal beach. Always among the hottest male stars, the photog snapped him nude as well and he has got a nice large penis!

Though he is no longer a 'bad-boy', the Colin Farell sex tape is about as good as it gets. Watch him walk around the house nude, then he gets his dick sucked off. It finishes with Colin fucking his girl!

Model and Actor Travis Wolfe made a sex tape with his ex girlfriend that was leaked. Some are saying the couple sold it. We could care less! We have it and it's hot as fuck! Enjoy this rare treasure!

Best known for his extremely popular role as Dylan on Beverly Hills 90210, Luke Perry also did a steamy prison scene where he goes full frontal for the world to see his dick flopping around!

When we fantasize about the celebrity men that we would love to see nude, don't forget that when Tom Cruise was younger he did quite a few nude scenes. He shows lots of ass and a few cock glimpses.

Remember 31-year old stud Cam Gigandet from Twilight? Well now you get to remember his penis because it comes to life in his upcoming film 'Bad Johnson'! We also have his prior naked clips.

We waited a very long time for the former Disney star Zac Efron to finally strip down naked. It was certainly well worth the wait. This guys got a ripe white round ass! More Zac, please!

Channing Tatum in the nude? No way! Yes way...see it all right here! We love this scene from a recent film as you get to see all of his hot hot body! Like they say...we'd love to 'Channing in his Tatum'!

Brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth are two male celebrites we don't get to see naked all too often. This video features Chris, the slightly older of the two from the film 'Rush'. Fantastic stuff!

Oh look at the pretty boy Jonathan Rhys-Myers standing there in those red pussy pants exposing that hot pube trail! This stud should get an award for all of the nude scenes he has done!

You know it seems like Ryan Phillippe never ages. That face and body always look like a 22-year olds. You can see how his pumped up and smooth body looks the same over the years in our nude video galleries!

Ryan Reynolds is currently dating his Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively, but a little known fact about him is that he used to date Alanis Morissette and in fact, were actually engaged!

We hardly think that Maroon 5 and The Voice's Adam Levine needs anymore exposure, but thankfully he doesn't mind exposing his skin! The 'no fur' ad campaigns are among our favorites!

If we had to make a list of the male celebs that look the best nude, James Marsden would be in the top 5. You're not going to want to miss this scene where he looses all his clothes and runs around a house naked!

Best known for his role as Jesse in Hannah Montana, Drew Roy is a smokin hot male star who was raised in Clanton, Alabama and currently stars in TNT's sci-fi series about aliens "Falling Skies'.

Justin Bieber sure has been making the headlines recently. He just can't seem to catch a break. We have a leaked copy of a very vocal sex tape he made in a hotel room with Selena Gomez!

Hugh Dancy Showing His Butt in "Tempo". This is the only nudity he has done so far, and he is such a handsome, good-looking, gorgeous man. Just wish Hannibal would be on cable TV so we could see more of him nude!

Actor Evan Jonigkeit going full frontal in HBO's "Girls". This is a real treat for you guys from one of Evans rare nude scenes. Let's start right off with his beautiful big cock! Gotta love his chest and nice ass too!

Here we have Russell Tovey from "Looking". This is from another movie where he shows his dick. This is a hot scene and it looks like he got a little excited during it, which you can see when he turns!

Finally some justice - Both Toby Schmitz and Zach McGowan do frontal nudity in recent episode of black sails. He's a little muddy, but that's one hot celeb cock! In the video you see it swinging around real good.

Oh and who is this sexy male celebrity we see here taking his clothes off as he gets ready to take a shower? Don't ya just love that big round plump naked ass! Maybe he shows his cock in the video too!

American Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy is such a tease. He likes to get nude a lot and take selfies and we happen to have all of the pictures! We are so happy we can now add this stud as a naked male celeb!

Remember Dominic Cooper from "History Boys" where he was going to let his teacher suck his dick? Well he looks hotter than ever in "Fleming" and shows off his hot body and perfectly round ass!

Kingsland Road made their national debut on the hit TV show "X-Factor". Although they didn't make it to the finals, they apparantly made it to the photography studio where they got completely naked!

Coming off of a successful year, culminating with a win for best supporting actor at the Oscars, Jared Leto is at the top of his game. From his earlier films, we have a very nice selection of one hot naked body!

When we think about which of our favorite male stars we'd love to see naked, 'The Boy Wonder' himself Joseph Gordon Levitt always makes the list. He's not wearing a stitch of clothing in many of the scenes we have!

And least we forget another great looking male celeb that has gained a lot of recent attention. Bradley Cooper was nominated for his last two films, and here he stands with nothing to show for it!

Dane DeHaan is a newcomer starring opposite Daniel Radcliff in the movie "Kill Your Darlings". Gauging by the looks of that naked muscled ass of his, we're guessing he was very popular in the locker rooms!

"The Wanted" are without question the hottest thing going today as far as Boy-Bands go. We were able to dig up some nice finds with lots of exposed skin including this shot taked from a shower scene we have!

Matthew McConaughey just won the Academy Award for best actor. We would certainly give him an award for that hot body as well! Glad you put some weight back on Matthew!

Here's a little peak from a very sexy video we have. Watch this guy show off his gym bod as he lets his big cock flip out. Later in the video he milks that beautiful tool to completion with a nice big squirt!

This is another scene from "Kill Your Darlings" where Daniel Radcliff lays in bed naked and gets fucked hard by Dane DeHaan! Those hot bodies are too much! This video will no doubt get you off good!

Wow, get a load of this horse sized cock on this frat stud! This is one crazy video and you will have to watch the whole thing to see how it plays out! Be assured it's not dissappointing and you will want more and more!

March 09, 2014 What happens when you put four hot college wrestlers in the shower together? Well needless to say they make the most of it! Watch them soap each other up and stroke off together!

Colton Haynes began his career modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch, but he is probably best known for his work on Mtv's "Teen Wolf" where he seems to loose his clothing an awful lot! Super hot body on tthis guy!

American Horror Story wouldn't quite be the same without the luscious Evan Peters. This scene sports Evan looking incredibly gorgeous and his body and penis are amazing and so is his beefy ass. Perfect scene!

For some reason the British series "Home and Away" seems to bring in the hottest male actors. No exception here as we see the beautiful Kyle Pryer just as he's about to loose the clothing and get naked!

And just who does this swang cock belong to? Holy fuck you could take an eye out with that thing! Don't wait for your opportunity to watch this video in its entirety! It's one of the best we've seen in a long time!

Over the years, Russell Tovey has done a lot of nude fact we are confident that most of his roles contained nudity. Currently appearing in HBO's "Looking" where he shows ass and cock!

This scene is from the film "Love & Other Drugs" featuring a ripped Jake Gyllenhaal. At 33 years old, we'd have to say that he is certainly looking his finest in this clip where he looses his clothing in a 'embarrasment type nudity scene.

British Olympic long jumper Greg Rutherford wins the award for cutest ginger our humble opinion anyway. Not only is he super cute, he's also super naked showing off a hard muscle ass, great dick teasers and so much more!

What can we say about Dan Osborne exept that he's not shy about flaunting his figure. And Dan certainly didn't seem to mind showing off his muscles on the Splash! final. Then it seems he took even more off!

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